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(5W, 3M, 3W/M, flexible cast size) (Music by Fitz Patton, Lyrics by David Kisor, Book by Joseph McDonough) 

A new musical take on the traditional tale.  Romantically-challenged Prince Freddy, having just received his Doctor of Philosophy, has returned to his home kingdom and is being pressured by his all-business father, King Frederick, to quickly choose a bride at the upcoming royal ball. Domineering Brunhilda and greedy daughters, Clarissa and Priscilla, are excited to go to the ball but smart and modern stepdaughter Cinderella would rather stay home and read with her animal friends Aristotle the Crow, Plato the Toad, and Socrates the Spider.  Magical Gwendolyn the Well-Wisher appears and urges Cinderella to go to the ball.  Stubborn Cinderella finally agrees to go... provided she doesn't have to wear any stupid glass slippers.

“A humorous take-off on the original story . . . Cinderella finds the right tone.”   Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Review-Journal

“Cinderella celebrates generous hearts and inquisitive minds.”  Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

Cinderella is licensed for production by Theatrical Rights Worldwide.  Click on this link to visit TRW’s Cinderella page:


(6W, 4M, 1 M/W, flexible cast size)  (Music and Lyrics by David Kisor, Book by Joseph McDonough)

Action, comedy, romance, rock 'n roll, and a little bit of opera spice up the story of Sleeping Beauty in this magical, musical twist on the fairy tale classic. At Princess Briar Rose's christening, wicked Wisteria puts a curse on the newly born baby after realizing she wasn't invited to the party. Three wacky fairies, along with Briar Rose's overprotective parents, quickly shelter the curious and beautiful princess, but even then the spell finds Briar Rose and puts her to sleep for a hundred years.  Only a guitar-playing prince can conquer the curse, waking her with true love and a song.

"The show is a the spirit of fractured fairy tales which work both for kids and adults."  Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer

“This version of Sleeping Beauty seeks to explore and define 'beauty' in terms other than just physical attractiveness . . . Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati has presented several world premiere productions of musicals with scores by Mr. Kisor with great success and Sleeping Beauty is no exception.”  Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway

Sleeping Beauty is licensed for production by Playscripts, Inc.  Click on this link to visit Playscripts’ Sleeping Beauty page:


(7W, 6M 1W/M, flexible cast size) (Music and Lyrics by David Kisor, Book by Joseph McDonough)

Set to a rousing, modern score, this classic Russian fairytale is given a modern musical spin.  When Ivan's father decrees that it is time for his sons to marry, Ivan is unhappy to discover that his bride turns out to be a frog named Vasilisa.  But Vasilisa is really a princess under the curse of evil "Old Bones," who eventually takes the princess to a far-off land.  To rescue her, Ivan must face many trials and travel around the world, using bravery and kindness to guide him along the way.

"Smart and funny... Frog Princess is a charmer, but what makes it royalty is Mr. Kisor's delightful score. His melodies embrace a wide range of musical styles." Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer

"Excellent musical score...deft and humorous writing...a funny, entertaining tale for kids of all ages."  Rick Pender, CityBeat

“Appealing and tuneful . . . fun, fanciful and entertaining.”  Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway

The Frog Princess is licensed for production by Playscripts, Inc.  Click on this link to visit Playscripts’ Frog Princess page:


(3W, 1M 10W/M, flexible cast size) (Music and Lyrics by David Kisor, Book by Joseph McDonough) 

A contemporary musical retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic story, this sassy version is the toe-tapping tale of a lost girl, a cool cat, a wild hare, and a nasty Queen of Hearts who dishes up her own special recipe for justice as lost Alice finds trouble in a funky and crazy Wonderland.

“Various musical styles are employed in the score, including country, calypso, rockabilly, torch songs, and concluding with the jazzy "Don't Mess With The Queen" . . . Alice in Wonderland is a charming and wacky musical parable.”   Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway

“A colorful, energetic take on Alice, Wonderland and the oddballs who live there.” Harper Lee, CityBeat

(4W, 3M 6W/M, flexible cast size) (Music and Lyrics by David Kisor, Book by Joseph McDonough) 

An all-new version of the Grimm’s Brothers classic tale featuring Snow White, seven enchanted half-human/half-animal Halflings, and a magic Mirror who sings to a wicked Queen.

“In this original musical telling by David Kisor and Joseph McDonough, the psychology is decidedly modern, and all to the good.  The evil queen has a compelling back story; the handsome prince doesn’t look at a girl in a coma and decide he’s in love; and there’s not a dwarf in sight.”  Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer.


(2W, 2M, 4W/M, flexible cast size) (Music and Lyrics by David Kisor, Book by Joseph McDonough)

It is 1899 and the mysterious, brilliant, mathematically precise Englishman Phileas Fogg has wagered his considerable fortune that the world can now be circumnavigated in 80 days. Will bandits, buffalo, storms and even the meddlesome Scotland Yard prevent him and his wily valet, Passepartout, from completing this daunting task? Jumping between trains and steamships, even employing an elephant, this magical adventure leads Fogg to discover a wider world as well as his own heart in this swashbuckling musical retelling of Jules Verne's classic tale.


“A fun and tuneful show which is equally entertaining for adults and children . . . whimsical, humorous, and kind-hearted, and contains adventure, romance, and a bit of historical perspective.”  Scott Cain, Talkin’ Broadway.


“Entertaining, charming and heart-warming theater for the whole family.”  Stacy Sims, CityBeat



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